Professor Nancy Doyle

Nancy Doyle

Nancy DoyleNancy, previously decade-long CEO and current Chief Research Officer of Genius Within CIC is a dedicated advocate for the way neurodiversity is viewed in the workplace. As a proud member of the neurodiverse community, her advocacy work and research is centred on bringing about tangible change in approach to neurodiversity, driving for a more equitable and inclusive environment. Nancy is the founding member of the British Psychological Society Working Group. Her research papers, definitive guides and evaluations are widely commended for their insight and impact. Nancy is responsible for exhibiting the employment barriers faced by neurodiverse people in her deliverance of ‘Employable Me’ and ‘Employable Me 2’ series on BBC 2. Her commitments do not end there, with her speaking at large-scale televised events and advising Forbes on disability and inclusion. Her drive for recognition of neurodiversity transcends sectors and accessibility barriers and leaves behind a strong legacy.