NEW! Diversity Power List honours 50 of the UK’s most inclusive and inspirational people

Champions of diversity and inclusion have been named in the first-ever Diversity Power List – a definitive, honours-style list of the most innovative and inspirational people in the UK. Compiled by Paul Sesay, CEO of Inclusive Companies, the list recognises 50 people who are making a tremendous difference to the lives of others.

From athletes to actors, business leaders to entrepreneurs, famous faces to unsung community heroes, the list includes people from all walks of life showing outstanding bravery and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion both within their communities and the wider world. A few well-known names are among the 50 – including Katie Piper OBE, Marcus Rashford, Warwick Davis, Diane Abbott MBE, Ellie Simmonds OBE, Stormzy and Clare Balding CBE. Others are less well-known with inclusion in this list shining a light on their amazing – and often selfless – work supporting people from diverse backgrounds.

The Diversity Power List is the work of Paul Sesay, CEO of Inclusive Companies and was revealed at the 2022 Inclusive Awards on December 1, 2022.  “The Diversity Power List brings together the most innovative and inspirational ‘diversity conscious’ people in the UK today,” says Paul. “They have shown outstanding dedication in their respective fields; many creating a huge impact within their industry sector with others stepping out of the sector for which they are known to make their mark,” says Paul.  “Whether in the public-eye or less high profile, all are to be recognised for championing diversity, be it race, disability, age, LGBTQ+ or gender.”

Those on the Diversity Power List cross every sector of society: here are just a few.

Callum Daniel became the CEO of the company he founded, iCodeRobots at the age of just seven. He partnered with other tech firms to fuel his desire to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with coding training.  Bobbi Pickard founded ‘Trans in the City’, a network of businesses working collaboratively to further transgender, non-binary and gender diversity inclusion.

Poppy Jarman OBE has become a global voice for mental health in the workplace.  A national policy maker, she works tirelessly to create a positive culture by striving to break the stigma attached to mental health.  And Professor Amanda Kirby, a qualified GP and Professor at both the University of South Wales and Cardiff University has been passionate about improving the lives of neurodiverse people. She sits as the chair of the ADHD Foundation and in 2021 successfully published a book ‘Neurodiversity at Work, Drive Innovation, Performance and Productivity with a Neurodiverse Workforce’.

Rodney Hinds is a well-recognised name within diversity work. As a long-standing sport editor on The Voice, one of the UK’s leading black newspapers, and Co-founder of the Football Black List, Rodney has spent a great many years supporting the Black community.  Meanwhile, singer, rapper, songwriter and double BRIT winner Stormzy is a passionate campaigner for black students in education with his Stormzy Scholarship giving financial support to black British students at Cambridge University throughout their degrees.  Finally, fresh from the dance floor where she wowed the crowds, eight times medal winning paralympic swimmer, Ellie Simmonds OBE is simply inspirational in showing how a disability does not restrict a person from achieving their goals.

These are but seven of the 50 tremendous people recognised for their outstanding work and achievements in the Diversity Power List.  Paul is passionate about its worth, “We cannot be narrow in our view of inclusivity and must recognise the many strands to diversity.  The work these people are doing is outstanding and by showcasing their achievements, I hope to open people’s eyes and minds to make the lived experience for everyone from diverse backgrounds to be truly inclusive.”

To see the full Diversity Power List CLICK HERE