Gavin Neate

Gavin Neate, the CEO and Founder of Neatebox, is a visionary entrepreneur whose mission is to create technological solutions that directly confront the challenges faced by disabled individuals. In 2020, his groundbreaking product, ‘WelcoMe’, earned international recognition and acclaim. It was honoured with the World Summit Award for Inclusion & Empowerment of Disabled People, contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 10, which focuses on reducing inequalities. Additionally, ‘WelcoMe’ received a prestigious Zero Project Award for Innovation and became a member of Google UK Startups. He passionately advocates for the empowerment of disabled individuals and dedicates his efforts to educate businesses and organisations about accessibility and equity. With the Scottish Parliament now offering WelcoMe at all MSP constituency offices as well as the Parliament itself, his commitment to advancing inclusion now extends to making Democracy itself more inclusive.